Purina One Cat Food Review

A Brief Introduction To Purina One Cat Food

Purina One takes pride in being the first brand to provide pet food with genuine meat, chicken, or fish as the first ingredient in supermarket and mass retail stores, beginning in 1987. They've maintained their position as an industry leader by providing dogs and cats with the best-in-class nutrition. Purina One has developed Smartblend formulations with the optimal combination of quality ingredients for personalized nutrition at every stage via continuous innovation and research. For cats with sensitive skin or stomachs, Purina ONE offers Sensitive Systems, a delectable meal made with genuine turkey. It's easily digestible, which means that more of the beneficial nutrients can get to work inside your cat. Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A and E are added to encourage bright eyes and a shiny coat while preventing dry, flaking skin.

Purina One Cat Food Features

  • To address the health concerns that are common for cats, Purina ONE developed several formulas with beneficial key ingredients.

  • Whether your kitty needs urinary tract support, has a problem with constant hairballs, or needs a food to help manage her weight, you'll find just the right formula.

  • Hairballs are messy to clean up and certainly no fun for your cat.

  • Purina ONE Hairball Formula is the answer to fighting off persistent hairballs.

  • It's highly digestible, using a blend of fiber sources to minimize hairballs naturally through your furry feline's diet.

Best Purina One Cat Food Products

Product 1: Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult Dry Cat Food will nourish your cat from nose to tail while also meeting her particular nutritional requirements. This sensitive digestion cat chow kibble is formulated to help your feline friend's skin and stomach stay healthy. The highly digestible combination of nutritious ingredients begins with genuine turkey as the primary component for a high-quality protein supply. Each cup contains 36 grams of protein to help your feline buddy maintain strong muscles and a healthy heart. Additionally, the natural cat food formula has additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, such as antioxidants to strengthen her immune system and omega fatty acids to nourish her delicate skin. Best of all, each mouthful of this Purina ONE sensitive stomach cat chow is bursting with the rich taste and crispy texture that cats like.


  • Ingredients Turkey, Chicken By-Product Meal
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • Real turkey is the #1 ingredient in this Purina ONE premium cat food.

  • Every serving is packed with 34% protein for a high-protein dry cat food that supports your furry pal's strong muscles as she jumps and plays.

  • This highly digestible cat food recipe is made especially for kitties with sensitive skin and stomachs.

  • Every ingredient is chosen for a purpose to create a wholesome recipe with 0% fillers and 100% nutrition.

  • Purina ONE is veterinarian recommended.

Purina One Cat Food Review


Awesome food!

This stuff is awesome! My cat has a super sensitive stomach. I was buying a pretty expensive brand of sensitive stomach cat food but he was still having flare ups of diarrhea and it just wasn't worth spending that much for something that didn't fully fix the problem! I was a little skeptical at first with the price but it's amazing! Both my cats love the food! And he has only had 3 flares up in the 6 months of using this! Definitely recommend. Plus my cats skin and coat have been extra soft and shiny.

Product 2: Purina ONE SmartBlend Sensitive Systems Adult Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Sensitive Systems Formula Adult Dry Dog Food provides your beloved companion with nutritious nourishment that's soft on his belly. This high-protein dog food is specially developed for dogs with sensitive systems and contains no fillers. Genuine salmon is the first component, followed by easily digestible rice and oats, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Each serving is high in protein to help your dog maintain strong muscles and a healthy heart. Additionally, this crunchy dog chow contains vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids to assist sensitive skin and natural amounts of glucosamine to improve joint health while he runs and plays. Most importantly, dogs like this Purina sensitive stomach dog food. Even better, the crunchy texture helps keep his teeth and breath clean!


  • Ingredients Salmon (Source of Glucosamine)
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • This natural dog food recipe has added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to give adult dogs 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

  • This digestive care dog food has a dual-defense antioxidant blend to help keep your pooch's immune system healthy and natural sources of glucosamine to support his healthy joints as he runs and plays.

  • Purina ONE is veterinarian recommended.

  • They proudly produce this sensitive skin dog food in Purina-owned, U.S. facilities, where regular checks for quality and safety ensure a kibble dog food that meets your standards.

Purina One Cat Food Review


Took care of the diarrhea problem!

My German Shepherd seemed to have chronic diarrhea problems with many other foods so after reading the reviews I thought I would try this. It took care of the problem the first week! I have 4 dogs and just feed this to them all now, they love it! After feeding this for the last two months I am confident that this is what I will keep them all on. Shipping took only one day. Perfect. Thanks so much for leaving reviews, this is so helpful to other people looking for solutions! Thanks Danielle

Product 3: Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food

With Purina ONE +Plus Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food, lay the groundwork for your kitten's adventurous existence. Made specifically for growing cats, this chicken cat food for kittens combines the power of nature and science to provide a healthy start in life for your furry friend. Real chicken is the first component, followed by real carrots and peas. Each dose contains essential nutrients for kittens, such as DHA, a vitamin present in mothers' milk that promotes brain and eye development. Four antioxidant substances, including vitamins E and A, contribute to increasing cats' immunological support. Additionally, the natural kitten food contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients—all of which your cat requires as she explores her environment. Plus, cats adore the texture and flavor of this crunchy cat chow kibble. Purina ONE for kittens provides nourishment designed by a veterinarian-recommended brand to keep your tiny buddy energized as she grows along with you.


  • Ingredients Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, helping craft a high protein kitten food that helps support your little friend's growing muscles as she jumps and plays.

  • DHA, a nutrient found in mother's milk, helps support your kitten's vision and brain development, while four antioxidant sources promote her strong immune system.

  • A SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients create a recipe with 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens, helping support your furry pal as she grows up.

  • These deliciously crunchy bites of kitten cat food kibble have added calcium, helping support her strong teeth while offering a texture she loves.

  • This high protein dry kitten food is crafted by a veterinarian-recommended brand and proudly produced in Purina-owned, U.S. facilities with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Purina One Cat Food Review


My kitten loves this!

I adopted an underweight, high risk kitten and tried many kitten foods on him. This was clearly his favorite, and I am happy to see him steadily gain needed weight. My adult cats love to steal some, too, when they can get away with it. The price is not bad for what appears to be a high quality growth dry food.

You Might Also Want To Know:

  • How should owners transition their pets to Purina One Cat Food‘s products?

    You should consider gradually transitioning to the new pet food to help eliminate any digestive problems. Purina One Cat Food recommends that consumers use a new pet food within 7 to 10 days to help avoid indigestion. On the first day, they recommend mixing 10% of the new food with 90% of the current food. Increase the amount of new food every day while reducing the amount of current food. For more information, please visit here.
  • How much food does Purina One Cat Food recommend for dogs?

    When looking for the perfect food, choose a 100% fully balanced pet food that fits your pet's size and life stage, for example, a 50-pound pet food for large dogs. or more. All cat and dog foods of Purina One Cat Food come with feeding instructions to help you feed your pet correctly according to the size of your pet, but certain types of pets may require special foods to help them maintain their ideal physical condition.
  • Where is the production location of Purina One Cat Food's products?

    Purina One Cat Food's products are all from the United States, so many customers don't have to worry about its origin. Because their products are completely made in the United States, their factories and their distribution centers are in the United States, so the quality of their products are very good, and the delivery time of their products is also very fast. So their products are very worthy of your purchase.
  • What frequency does Purina One Cat Food recommend that you feed your puppies?

    Purina One Cat Food will have a requirement for your feeding frequency, because their feeding frequency is determined by the age of your pet. If your pet is relatively young, you need to feed it 3-4 times a day. But if your pet is an adult and you feed it twice a day, this feeding frequency is about the same for you.

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