Nutrisca Dog Food Review

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A Brief Introduction To Nutrisca Dog Food

Nutrisca is manufactured by Dogswell, a Los Angeles-based firm devoted to providing upscale meals that are free of cheap fillers and artificial chemicals. They do not utilize artificial additives, maize, or soy in their formulations and instead rely on high-quality protein sources to help maintain your dog's health. The recipes have been intended to include somewhat more protein, which may be beneficial for working and sports dogs. The inclusion of entire, high-quality meat sources and chickpeas may assist maintain your dog's muscular tone. The firm owns many holistic brands and thinks that a higher-quality product can help keep you out of the veterinarian's office.

Nutrisca Dog Food Features

  • The formula is high protein and uses no grains to help alleviate some inflammation and make the food easier to digest for your pup.

  • The recipes are also potato free which can help reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes and possibly decrease the chances of DCM.

  • (Potatoes and legumes, when used as main ingredients in dog food, are thought to be linked to an increased risk of canine DCM.)

  • The company uses rigorous safety standards, especially after its one and only recall, to ensure that foods are still of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Best Nutrisca Dog Food Products

Product 1: Nutrisca Grain-Free Salmon & Chickpea Recipe Dry Dog Food

Nutrisca is a natural, high-protein dog food supplemented with vitamins and minerals. It is grain-free, potato-free, and tapioca-free to mimic a dog's natural diet. This dish is packed with antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries, carrots, cranberries, and apricots. Give your dog a reason to anticipate mealtime!


  • Ingredients Salmon, Menhaden Fish Meal, Peas
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • A grain-free formula free of potatoes, maize, wheat, and soy DHA derived from wild-caught salmon promotes brain function.

  • Chickpeas and peas both provide significant amounts of protein, fiber, and folic acid.

  • Antioxidants aid in your dog's immune system's wellness.

  • Minerals that have been chelated facilitate nutrient absorption.

Nutrisca Dog Food Review


Healthy Dogs

My dogs have eaten Nutrisca for eleven years and are still going strong and VERY healthy. Lab - 13 and a half Blue Heeler - 12 and a half

Product 2: Nutrisca Grain-Free Lamb & Chickpea Recipe Dry Dog Food

A high protein, nutrisca is a naturally occurring dog food including vitamins and minerals. It is developed to coincide with a dog's natural diet without grains, potatoes or tapioca starch. This recetta includes all the beneficial materials, and none of the negative things, made of antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, carrots, cannberries and others. Give your dog food to be looking forward to!


  • Ingredients Lamb, Lamb Meal, Peas
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • A grainless recipe produced with no potatoes, maize, soy and wheat

  • Chelated minerals improve the absorption of nutrients

  • Made from antibiotic lamb with a high content of protein.

  • Chickpeas and peas are major protein, fiber and folic acid sources

  • Antioxidants assist your dog keep your immune system healthy

Nutrisca Dog Food Review


Dogs like !

It seems to agree with him and they like it. I don’t give a lot of kibble to my dogs. But I mix in mostly raw or freeze dried raw but they like it by itself too.!

Product 3: Nutrisca Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Stew Recipe Canned Dog Food, 13-oz, case of 12

Nutrisca Chicken & Chickpea Stew is a natural protein dog food that is formulated to match your dog's natural diet and is made without cereals, potatoes or tapioca starch. The package is cage-free with high-profile chicken and antioxidants like blueberries and carrots as well as cannabis. Go forward, open a can. Go forward. Your dog's going to love you!


  • Ingredients Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • A grainless recipe produced with no potatoes, maize, soy and wheat

  • High in protein and produced with chicken without cage

  • Antioxidants help your dog keep your immune system strong

  • Chelated minerals improve the absorption of nutrients

Nutrisca Dog Food Review


My dog loves it

She loves this brand and flavor. My dog is usually a grazer but she eats this pretty quickly.

You Might Also Want To Know:

  • How should owners transition their pets to Nutrisca Dog Food‘s products?

    Nutrisca Dog Food believes that it will take some time for the puppies who eat their products for the first time to adapt to their products. So you better give your puppy a period of time to adapt. While feeding dog food during this period, you need to mix their dog food with your previous dog food, which will help your puppies to adapt to the new dog food.
  • Is Kasiks Nutrisca Dog Food's pet food ingredients safe?

    If you want to buy Nutrisca Dog Food products, you need to believe that their products are very safe. And their ingredients are also very safe. What you can find in their ingredients are products that are good for your puppy. So you need to believe that their products are safe. And their products will not let you down.
  • What is the preservation method of Nutrisca Dog Food's products?

    Nutrisca Dog Food requires you to keep their products properly, and then they suggest that you should store their products in a cool condition, which is more conducive to the normal use of your products. Then you also need to keep their products in dry conditions, because if their external environment is relatively humid, it is easy to cause product deterioration.
  • Is the nutritional content of Nutrisca Dog Food's products adequate?

    When you consider the protein-enhancing effects of peas, chickpeas and pea protein, this looks like the outline of a coarsely ground food with the right amount of meat. Nutrisca Dog Food sells a grain-free dry dog ​​food that uses an appropriate amount of named meat meal as the main source of animal protein, so it won the brand's 4-star award. So their nutritional content is definitely very high.

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