Dogswell Dog Food Review

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A Brief Introduction To Dogswell Dog Food

Dogswell Dog Food was established in 2004 by the Dog Father of Emily, a lovely German Shepherd who suffered from hip dysplasia. While attempting to provide her medications, he had an epiphany: what if dog treats might have useful advantages added? As a consequence, Dogswell dog treats taste great and do good, utilizing natural ingredients with added benefits.

Today, Dogswell Dog Food manufactures a comprehensive array of wellness solutions for dogs, including functional meals, snacks, vitamins, and first aid items.

Dogswell Dog Food Features

  • One size never fits all when it comes to health.

  • With Dogswell's comprehensive line of wellness products, you can design a wellness plan for your dog's individual needs and health goals.

  • From solutions to health challenges, like skin issues or aching joints, to proactive maintenance, we have options that help – when and how your dog needs it.

Best Dogswell Dog Food Products

Product 1: Dogswell Jerky Hip & Joint Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dog Treats

With a little bit more inside, reward your dog with the chunky, meaty taste he wants. Dogswell's Hip & Joint jerky snacks are crafted with genuine chicken, providing him with a treat that satisfies more than his taste senses. That's because each delectable bite contributes to his lean muscle mass by providing high-quality protein. What do you think of that as a pick-me-up? With added glucosamine and chondroitin, these delectable jerky snacks may even help support healthy joint function! As he chews on real, USA-made jerky, you can be certain that his new favorite chew is a grain-free, nutritious food you can trust. It's everything your dog could want for, with all the features you'd expect from a pet-loving brand like Dogswell.


  • Ingredients Chicken Breast, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • Grain-free treat has all the nutrients he needs, without any of the grains—so even sensitive dogs can enjoy.

  • Contains absolutely no added sugar, chicken by-products or by-product meal, plus unnecessary fillers like gluten, corn, wheat and soy.

  • Included glucosamine and chondroitin to promote healthy joint function.

  • Made in the USA, it's a treat you can truly trust with the health of your BFF.

Dogswell Dog Food Review


The product was good in every respect.

The product that I order from Chewy are good quality as well as quantity. Delivery is very timely and I have had no hassles so far.

Product 2: Dogswell Soft Strips Hip & Joint Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dog Treats

Are you curious as to why Dogswell refers to them as Jerky Strips? Because they are devoid of all but the finest ingredients! There is no negative stuff in this recipe; only healthy and delicious ingredients. These delectable cage-free chicken strips are created with a select few healthful ingredients. They're soft, thin, and simple to rip, making them ideal for older dogs. If only people were so fortunate. It's acceptable to feel a bit jealous.


  • Ingredients Chicken, Dried Egg, Vegetable Glycerin
  • LIFESTAGE Senior
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • USA-sourced cage-free chicken is the #1 ingredient

  • With Glucosamine & Chondroitin to help maintain hip and joint wellness

  • Perfect for pups of all sizes as a satisfying treat

  • Made with a limited number of healthy ingredients

Dogswell Dog Food Review


for our older animals

Both my guys are 19 yrs. now and have just a bit of arthritis in the hips and back legs. This sure re leaves a lot of the pain. You can tell they are acting like puppies again. So good to see them so happy and Thank you for such fast deliveries.

Product 3: Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken & Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food

Made using cage-free hens that are not given growth hormones or steroids, this product provides amino acids necessary for muscular development and maintenance of muscle tone. Glucosamine & Chondroitin Aid in the Maintenance of Healthy Hips & Joints! Chicken breasts from cage-free hens are reared without the use of growth hormones or steroids and provide amino acids necessary for muscle development and tone maintenance. Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble vitamin that is high in antioxidants. Vitamin E strengthens connective tissues and helps maintain the suppleness of the skin and muscles.


  • Ingredients Chicken, Chicken Meal, Oats, Barley
  • LIFESTAGE Senior
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • Real chicken as the first ingredient , providing essential amino acids to support muscle development and tone

  • Antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamins A and E to support a healthy immune system

  • With Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help support proactive hip and joint healthy

  • Fiber from real fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples and sweet potatoes, help support digestion and intestinal health

Dogswell Dog Food Review


Good quality food but not enticing

I was originally wary of this food since many reviewers commented on a chemically smell. I actually contacted the manufacturer about that issue & they said they were not aware of that & had met multiple certifications on their food quality. So I pressed ahead and ordered it. We have used it for several months & I think the food is good quality. I have ordered multiple times & there is NO chemical smell that others commented on. We have a rescue dog with some anxiety issues that was noticeably underweight & her body condition has noticeably improved on this food. The only issue is that it does not seem to smell interesting enough for her to really get excited over. Once she starts eating, then she really gets through it.

You Might Also Want To Know:

  • Is the nutritional content of Dogswell Dog Food's products adequate?

    Dogswell Dog Food’s snacks contain glucosamine, chondroitin and New Zealand green lipped mussels to support healthy hips and joints. It is not pet’s immunity and defense (formerly known as Vitality) snacks supplemented with antioxidant vitamins A and E to enhance vitality and a healthy immune system. Flaxseed oil contains essential fatty acids and turmeric. Their snacks are supplemented with zinc, biotin, flaxseed oil and vitamin E to support soft skin and shiny fur.
  • How long is the shelf life of Dogswell Dog Food?

    If stored properly, Dogswell Dog Food’s snacks should remain fresh for 15 months after production. But if you have opened their snacks, you need to let your puppy eat their food as soon as possible. Because after their product is opened, they recommend that your puppy can eat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, their products will no longer be fresh.
  • What type of food does Dogswell Dog Food recommend for dogs?

    Dogswell Dog Food has six real meat or poultry proteins that are attractive to all dogs. In addition to chicken and duck, their snacks now offer turkey, beef, salmon and lamb to increase nutrition and flavor. So the taste of their snacks is very good, and they believe that your puppy will also like their snacks.
  • Will Dogswell Dog Food's medicines cause any harm to puppies?

    Dogswell Dog Food does not contain any antibiotics in its products. So their products are very safe and will not cause any harm to your puppy's body, so you can rest assured that your puppy can eat their snacks. Because all their products have been tested by the National Quality Inspection Bureau.

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