American Natural Premium Dog Food Review

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A Brief Introduction To American Natural Premium Dog Food

The aim of American Natural Premium is to enhance the lives of pets via premium nutrition. Their line of delectable, natural meals is made in the Midwest using only the freshest ingredients. Each dish is prepared in tiny quantities at low temperatures to ensure that your pet receives the most delicious, digestible food possible that is also nutrient-dense. American Natural Premium's pet-lovers collaborated with nutritionists, veterinarians, reputable breeders, and rescue organizations to create each high-quality, nutrient-dense formulation. Their aim is to guarantee that every dog has a nutritious supper each night—which means they strive to keep their food inexpensive so that your puppies may receive the nourishment they require and deserve without breaking the bank.

American Natural Premium Dog Food Features

  • You never need to wonder what this brand values—it's right on the bag!

  • American Natural Premium always stands by the same, three principles: American Made, Natural Ingredients and Premium Quality.

  • That means real meat, rich grains, and absolutely no corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  • They use only the finest natural ingredients to provide the best for your pal.

Best American Natural Premium Dog Food Products

Product 1: American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food

Each ingredient in American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food is carefully selected to provide optimum digestion and nutritional value. A delectable combination of chicken meal, hog meal, fish meal, and whole eggs provides easy-to-digest protein rich in vital amino acids that help develop and feed your pup's active muscles. He'll get a consistent, slow release of energy from a variety of whole grains and nutritious carbs, such as brown rice, oat flour, and barley. After cooking, this premium mix incorporates probiotics to promote easy digestion and a robust immune system.


  • Ingredients Chicken Meal, Oatmeal, Brown Rice
  • BREED SIZE Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds


  • Delicious blend of chicken, pork, fish meal, and whole eggs that are highly-digestible with essential amino acids that build muscle

  • High palatability and maximum digestibility ensures your pup gets all of the nutritional benefits this healthy food has to offer

  • Cooked in small batches at low temperatures, with no wheat, corn, or soy

  • Probiotics support the G.I. tract and immune system, improves stool texture and reduces odor for less mess

American Natural Premium Dog Food Review


excellent food

This is excellent dog food -- My friend suggested I try my dog on it after she switched her dog to it and mine wouldn't stop stealing it out of the other dog's bowl. I just switched my dog to it and she loves it. It's the only kibble she'll eat plain. She has tons of energy on it, her poop is smaller (yay!) and her coat is nice and shiny. Only trouble was shipping -- for some reason it took more than a week to get it to me, which left my dog in between foods, but Chewy refunded me the cost of shipping. All in all, I'd say it was worth it. Just build a little extra time in to your order.

Product 2: American Natural Premium Exhibitor's Choice Dry Dog Food

With a range of nutrients that nourish the skin and coat, American Natural Premium Exhibitor's Choice Dry Dog Food helps keep show dogs in peak shape. Highly digestible protein sources such as chicken meal, fresh chicken, and whole egg combine to enhance the sheen, fullness, and color of the coat for the most sumptuous appearance. Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil aid in the maintenance of healthy skin, while glucosamine and chondroitin from chicken cartilage aid in the maintenance of joint tissue and mobility.


  • Ingredients Chicken Meal, Pearled Barley, Oatmeal
  • BREED SIZE Medium Breeds, Small Breeds


  • Highly-digestible protein from chicken meal, fresh chicken, salmon oil and whole egg help increase shine, thickness and color of coat

  • An added blend of antioxidant-rich vegetables including carrots, lettuce and celery support immunity and fight free radicals

  • Chicken cartilage, a natural form of glucosamine and chondroitin, supports healthy joints

  • Added Omega-3-rich salmon oil supports healthy skin and a shiny coat

American Natural Premium Dog Food Review


great food when it gets to you intact

My dog loves this food. I did a lot of reading and research on what to look for in a dog’s food. This is definitely one of the best, content wise. I had to have it shipped to me twice, though... split open and poured out in the box and out of the box the first time. Chewy was great about sending out another bag. Second time was only a minor split so I accepted it. They packaged it the same exact way (in a box just barely bigger than the bag) so no lessons learned. I definitely recommend this food in every way, shipping insecurity is the only possible issue.

Product 3: American Natural Premium Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

American Natural Superior Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food provides premium nourishment for your family's tiniest furry member. This high-quality chicken food is formulated to promote adequate nutrition absorption in developing big breed puppies. It contains a high protein content for good muscular building. Contains DHA derived from fish meal and fish oil to aid with brain and eyesight development. Omega fatty acids are included in the natural dry dog food to support healthy skin and hair. It is calcium and phosphorus fortified, which helps maintain healthy teeth and strong growing bones. Additionally, it has additional vitamins and minerals for a full and balanced diet. And, perhaps most importantly, it is manufactured in the United States of America with no maize, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives.


  • Ingredients Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal
  • BREED SIZE Medium Breeds, Small Breeds


  • Dry dog food with high-quality chicken meal for healthy muscle growth in large breed puppies.

  • DHA from fish meal and fish oil helps your furry best friend's brain development and vision.

  • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong growing bones, plus added vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition.

  • Proudly made in the USA with no corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.

American Natural Premium Dog Food Review


Good food for our Lab

We got this food initially from our breeder in Wisconsin and planned on switching her at first but found that the food is made locally in Wisconsin and has good ingredients. We have kept her on it and have had no issues with stools or gas. We will for sure consider putting her on their adult food when she gets older.

You Might Also Want To Know:

  • Is the nutritional content of American Natural Premium Dog Food's products adequate?

    The first ingredient in American Natural Premium Dog Food's dog food is chicken powder. Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate, and its protein content is nearly 300% higher than that of fresh chicken. The second ingredient is oatmeal, a whole grain product made from coarsely ground oats. Oatmeal is naturally rich in B-vitamins and dietary fiber, and can (depending on its purity) be gluten-free. So you can find that the raw materials used in their products are all natural materials.
  • What frequency does American Natural Premium Dog Food recommend that you feed your puppies?

    American Natural Premium Dog Food has always hoped that their customers can pay attention to the frequency of puppy feeding, because such feeding frequency is very important to the growth and development of the puppy. Their final advice to you is that you can feed your puppy's staple food 2-3 times a day, and then don't feed too many snacks.
  • Where is the production location of American Natural Premium Dog Food's products?

    The origin of American Natural Premium Dog Food’s pet food is also something you don’t need to worry about, because their products are from the United States. So whether it is the transportation speed of their products or the quality of their products, you don't need to worry about it. Because all their products need to pass the inspection of the National Quality Inspection Bureau.
  • What is the warranty policy of American Natural Premium Dog Food's products?

    If you find that your product has some quality problems while using American Natural Premium Dog Food's products, you don't need to worry too much. Because at this time, you need to contact their customer service staff in time, and then their customer service staff will replace you with a new product or refund you.

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